Types of Retainers


Clear Retainers

We provide clear retainers for the majority of our patients at the end of their treatment. They are thin, transparent trays that fit directly over the teeth, closely resembling an Invisalign® aligner. Clear retainers are inexpensive, convenient, and virtually invisible when worn, which makes them a popular choice for our adult orthodontic patients. Always remember to brush your retainer anytime you take it out of your mouth or before putting it in.

Bonded Retainers

Bonded retainers, also called fixed orthodontic retainers, are usually used for patients who have a high risk of tooth regression. These retainers are made from a single metal wire that’s cemented directly to the teeth, usually running across the backside of the lower front teeth.

Fixed retainers are convenient and highly effective in that they stay in all the time, but you will need a floss threader to properly perform oral hygiene. If your bonded retainer ever does start to come loose, simply contact our office to schedule a repair appointment.

Bonded retainers will always require the use of clear retainers too, as they only hold the front 4-6 teeth. Not everyone is a candidate for a bonded retainer, so count on Dr.Leitner to help advise you of your options.

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Which Retainer Do I Need?

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