• Shelby E.

    Shelby E.

    The office is such a nice atmosphere and the doctors and staff knew what they were doing from the second I walked through the door. They made me excited to start treatment – I couldn’t wait to get my braces on!

  • Ben W.

    Ben W.

    I began orthodontic treatment because I wanted better looking teeth and a better looking smile. I chose Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics because my friends go here and love it, plus, the people are friendly.

  • Abby W.

    Abby W.

    The staff at Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics is super friendly and the office is very modern. A lot of my friends come to this office, too, which is encouraging when I see how awesome their teeth look as they’ve started getting their braces off.

  • Bradley K.

    Bradley K.

    I was a little scared the day I got my braces on, but I felt confident that Drs. Thomas and Leitner would do a great job on my teeth and I was right! My results actually turned out even better than I thought it would be.

  • Emily D.

    Emily D.

    The doctors and staff at Thomas & Leitner are so sweet and their quality of care is impressive. Their two locations make them close to so many things and I my parents and I had heard a lot of great things about them.

  • Caleb M.

    Caleb M.

    My mom was actually treated at Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics and has a great smile, so when it came time for me to get my braces on there was no question where we would go.

  • Lauren A.

    Lauren A.

    The staff and orthodontists at Thomas & Leitner always explained things well and made me feel comfortable. My older sister had her braces here before I did and she had great results, which made me look forward to my new smile, too.

  • Gentry W.

    Gentry W.

    Before I got my braces on I had mixed emotions – I was excited to have straight teeth but I was nervous that it would hurt. It hasn’t been anything like what I thought it would be – it’s not bad at all!

  • Pearce M.

    Pearce M.

    My friend Rhett got his braces here and told me to come see Dr. Thomas and Dr. Leitner. I knew I wanted to have nice, straight teeth and he said that this was the place to go!

  • Morgan S.

    Morgan S.

    I couldn’t wait to get braces because I wanted pretty, straight teeth. The staff and doctors at Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics are wonderful and at this office there’s nothing to be nervous about because the doctors are awesome.

  • Lily L.

    Lily L.

    Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics has so much fun in the office – from the iPads you can play with to the awesome music they play in the back – they make getting braces a great experience and one you won’t soon forget.

  • Van P.

    Van P.

    When we were trying to decide where to go for my braces we considered some other offices in the area but Dr. Thomas, Dr. Leitner and their staff were just much more welcoming.

  • Madison S.

    Madison S.

    My dad actually knows Dr. Thomas and Dr. Leitner personally and professionally and he is the reason that I came to their office. I wanted my teeth to be straight and to close the gaps but I really didn’t want braces – it worked out because I was able to do Invisalign.

  • Michael A.

    Michael A.

    I chose Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics for my braces because I thought they were the best choice. They get you in and out quickly and the people are really cool.

  • Malik A.

    Malik A.

    Before I had braces I was really unhappy with smile. Everyone told me that Thomas & Leitner Orthodontics was the best and they were right!

  • Marissa S.

    Marissa S.

    I couldn’t wait to correct my teeth and have a beautiful smile, but I was a little hesitant to actually have the braces put on. Thomas and Leitner Orthodontics treated me like part of the family right away!

  • Joe B.

    Joe B.

    I knew having straight teeth would boost my confidence in my smile and I chose Thomas and Leitner Orthodontics because of the friendliness of the staff and willingness to go out of their way for their patients.

  • Christine B.

    Christine B.

    Before I got my braces on my teeth were an absolute mess! My best friend, Morgan, was a patient at the time that I was looking for an orthodontist and she told me how much she loved Thomas and Leitner Orthodontics.

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