3-D Imaging is the new frontier for digital x-ray: designed specifically to visualize the head and jaws. With state-of-the-art technology like the iTero scanner and ICAT, it’s the difference between viewing a photo of a patients head and going inside and taking a virtual tour!

Why is it better?

Conventional orthodontic x-rays have varying degrees of distortion and magnification error. The 3-D imaging system is 100% accurate with less radiation exposure! Compared to medical scanners, the iCAT imaging system is 10 times more accurate with 95% less radiation. Dental and medical professionals can easily share 3-D data using iCAT software.

What is it used for?

While seated in an open, non-invasive environment, an 8-second scan (of which the x-ray is on for only 3.5 seconds) produces multi-dimensional images in one minute.

Radiology Facts

The type of radiation produced by the iCat is no different than that produced by any other x-ray machine. A single scan provides more information than numerous digital x-rays. This helps with a precise individualized diagnosis so an effective treatment plan with optimal results can be designed for each patient.



Why is it better?

There is no more mess, gagging and eliminates uncomfortable impressions. The iTero scanner has greater accuracy that virtually eliminates redo appointments and reduces chair-side adjustments for Invisalign!

What is it used for?

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